Custom Harvesting

Harvest Readiness Testing
We can test wet cones in the field and help you determine harvest readiness.

With your delivery of whole bines to our farm, we can run them on our WHE513 Wolf. Picking between 400-700 pines per hour.

Our 50sq meter, 3-level Wolf hop dryer can quickly and efficiently dry your hops to within 1-2% of the final target moisture. After the drier, the hops move into conditioning boxes to pinpoint that final percentage before being baled.

Our Reith dual-tub hop bailer can quickly get your product into the bale so we can store it in our cooler just feet away.

Our newly installed cold storage has nearly 39,000 cubic feet of storage space. The cooling “muscle under the hood” is rated at 149,000 BTU’s/ Hour to quickly bring newly harvested hops down to storage temp and keep them there through the warmest weather.

Harvesting Hops

Hop Pelleting and Packaging

Hops Processing

We offer full hop processing to help you deliver your product to your customer in the form that they prefer to use.

Pelleting Services
Our Buskirk PM1220 Hops Densification System produces perfectly formed and cool pellets that brewers expect so they can know they are getting the true flavor and aroma profile in their hops.

The final step for hops before taking a plunge into a brewer’s creation is the packaging. While it seems simple, it is an often-overlooked last step of the process. Hop storage is a make or break factor. Poorly stored hops can turn worthless in a matter of hours. Hops are sensitive to Light, Heat, and Oxygen. Of these three things, Oxygen is the hardest to overcome. We use what is called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). This is the only way to truly remove O2 from the packaging. Through a series of carefully timed steps, we purge the oxygen from the bag using food-grade Nitrogen and hermetically seal the bag. Nitrogen is an inert gas that will not affect the hops during storage. A properly purged bag of hops will see minimal degradation during 3-5 years. This means that a CY (Crop Year) 2-3 years old will mean little in regards to finding quality hops.

Find out how we can help with your hops!

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